Matt Kirby

Matt Kirby
matt kirby
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RESUMÉ: Matt has 30 years’ experience in research, starting clientside before specialising in qualitative research. He has been based in both the UK and US, and worked in diverse sectors and markets, for brands large and small. He believes that great qual is about giving smart advice, based on a sound understanding of how marketing and creativity works, without ever losing sight of the individuals, the humans, that helped you reach those recommendations.


SPECIALISMS: qualitative research & ethnography; in the UK, US and globally; for the strategic and creative development of brands, communications and design


WHAT YOU GET:  an expert in chatting, listening, seeing and thinking … and transforming this into commercially savvy strategic and creative guidance


MAGIC MOMENT:  dashing for, and just catching, the last flight to London after talking to policy makers in Washington DC, to get to Brussels to do the same again the next day!