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By Juliet Strachan | Windsoredge Research

September 2019


THOMAS COOK: a brand that has what it takes to fly again!


178 years of Travel & Tourism history came to an end on Monday, with the collapse of Thomas Cook. Since then, there has been a flurry of opinions and questions: What went wrong? Why did such an iconic and well-loved brand go under? How did this happen so quickly? and perhaps most importantly for everyone involved: Is there any future for the brand going forward?


Delivering ‘Green’

By Kate Halliday | Puffin Research

September 2019

Brands need to deliver on ‘Green’: To consumers and the business bottom line


Consumers are becoming ‘greener’ in their purchase considerations.  Various data shows Millennials are leading the way, with Gen Z swiftly following and Gen X, Baby Boomers, even the Silent Generation displaying significant engagement.


By Pamela Green | Ichor Consulting

July 2019


Brands Promises should drive serious decisions


What is a brand? It’s more than a mark, a logo, icon, or business name in a unique font. As impressive as that logo may look, it isn’t the “brand” in the true sense—and it certainly isn’t what makes the brand valuable. Rather, a business’s brand is its promise to its all those who interact with it. Successful brands deliver on their promises. And it’s by delivering on their brand promises that companies create brand value.